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Mymensingh Post Code | ময়মনসিংহ বিভাগের সকল জেলার পোস্ট কোড | Post Code of Mymensingh | Zip Code

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Hello Everyone! Today we know about ময়মনসিংহ বিভাগের সকল জেলার পোস্ট কোড | Mymensingh Post Code | Post Code BD | Zip Code about this article. Mymensingh division post code bd is important for any mail/letter transfer or any important works. Mymensingh districts have four districts: Mymensingh, Sherpur, Netrokona and Jamalpur.

So, We Know about these districts Postal Code/ Zip Code. We devide this post into four section, these are: Mymensingh Post Code, Sherpur Post Code, Netrokona Post Code, Jamalpur Post Code. Post code is also known as zip code. All these Postal Code are contained specific Upazila’s post code also. So, Let’s Start The article Mymensingh Division Post Code BD, Also Zip Code.

Mymensingh Division All Districts Post Code
Mymensingh Division All Districts Post Code | Post Code BD

About Mymensingh Division | Post Code BD | ময়মনসিংহ বিভাগ Post Code

The Greater Mymensingh region (Mymensingh District along with five other neighboring districts) was created as a Mymensingh district by the British Indian government in 1787. Later it was reorganized in two phases into six districts: Mymensingh, Kishoreganj, Netrakona, Jamalpur, Tangail, and Sherpur.

On 12 January 2015 prime minister Sheikh Hasina declared the establishment of a new Mymensingh Division. The initial intention was to carve six districts (those comprising the original Mymensingh district of 1787) out of the Dhaka Division. However, while four of the districts were eager for the establishment of a new division, people in the Tangail and Kishoreganj Districts wished to remain part of Dhaka Division. On 14 September 2015 Mymensingh was officially announced as a division consisting of four districts. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mymensingh District’s Post Code | ময়মনসিংহ জেলার পোস্ট কোড সমূহ | Post Code of Mymensingh | Zip Code

Mymensingh is the capital of Mymensingh Division of Bangladesh. The city is located on the Brahmaputra River, about 120 km north of Dhaka the capital of the country. It is a major financial center and ‘Educational district’ of North Central Bangladesh and the 4th largest city in Bangladesh. (Source: Wikipedia) 

Mymensingh জেলার পোস্ট কোড
Mymensingh জেলার পোস্ট কোড
  • Bhaluka Upazila Post Code
  • Dhobaura Upazila Post Code
  • Fulbaria Upazila Post Code
  • Gafargaon Upazila Post Code
  • Gouripur Upazila Post Code
  • Haluaghat Upazila Post Code
  • Ishwarganj Upazila Post Code
  • Muktagachha Upazila Post Code
  • Mymensingh Sadar Upazila Post Code
  • Nandail Upazila Post Code
  • Phulpur Upazila Post Code
  • Tara Khanda Upazila Post Code
  • Trishal Upazila Post Code
Thana Sub Office Post Code
Bhaluka Bhaluka 2240
Fulbaria Fulbaria 2216
Gaforgaon Duttarbazar 2234
Gaforgaon Gaforgaon 2230
Gaforgaon Kandipara 2233
Gaforgaon Shibganj 2231
Gaforgaon Usti 2232
Gouripur Gouripur 2270
Gouripur Ramgopalpur 2271
Haluaghat Dhara 2261
Haluaghat Haluaghat 2260
Haluaghat Munshirhat 2262
Isshwargonj Atharabari 2282
Isshwargonj Isshwargonj 2280
Isshwargonj Sohagi 2281
Muktagachha Muktagachha 2210
Mymensingh Sadar Agriculture Universi 2202
Mymensingh Sadar Biddyaganj 2204
Mymensingh Sadar Kawatkhali 2201
Mymensingh Sadar Mymensingh Sadar 2200
Mymensingh Sadar Pearpur 2205
Mymensingh Sadar Shombhuganj 2203
Nandail Gangail 2291
Nandail Nandail 2290
Phulpur Beltia 2251
Phulpur Phulpur 2250
Phulpur Tarakanda 2252
Trishal Ahmadbad 2221
Trishal Dhala 2223
Trishal Ram Amritaganj 2222
Trishal Trishal 2220

(Source: বাংলাদেশ ডাক বিভাগ)

Sherpur District’s Post Code | শেরপুর জেলার পোস্ট কোড সমূহ | Post Code of Sherpur | Zip Code

Sherpur (Bengali: শেরপুর জেলা, Sherpur Jela also Sherpur Zila) is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Mymensingh Division. Sherpur district was a sub-division of Jamalpur district. It was upgraded to a district on February 22, 1984. Sherpur city is located about 198 kilometers (123 mi) north of Dhaka which is the capital of the country. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sherpur জেলার পোস্ট কোড
Sherpur জেলার পোস্ট কোড
  • Jhenaigati Upazila Post Code
  • Nakla Upazila Post Code
  • Nalitabari Upazila Post Code
  • Sherpur Sadar Upazila Post Code
  • Sreebardi Upazila Post Code
Thana Sub Office Post Code
Bakshigonj Bakshigonj 2140
Jhinaigati Jhinaigati 2120
Nakla Gonopaddi 2151
Nakla Nakla 2150
Nalitabari Hatibandha 2111
Nalitabari Nalitabari 2110
Sherpur Shadar Sherpur Shadar 2100
Shribardi Shribardi 2130

(Source: বাংলাদেশ ডাক বিভাগ)

Netrokona District’s Post Code | নেত্রকোণা জেলার পোস্ট কোড সমূহ | Post Code of Netrokona | Zip Code

Netrokona (Bengali: নেত্রকোণা) is a district in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of Mymensingh Division. (Source: Wikipedia) 

নেত্রকোণা জেলার পোস্টকোড সমূহজেলার Post Code
নেত্রকোণা জেলার পোস্টকোড সমূহজেলার Post Code
  • Atpara Upazila Post Office Code
  • Barhatta Upazila Post Office Code
  • Durgapur Upazila, Netrokona Post Office Code
  • Kalmakanda Upazila Post Office Code
  • Kendua Upazila Post Office Code
  • Khaliajuri Upazila Post Office Code
  • Madan Upazila Post Office Code
  • Mohanganj Upazila Post Office Code
  • Netrokona Sadar Upazila Post Office Code
  • Purbadhala Upazila Post Office Code
Thana Sub Office Post Code
Susung Durgapur Susnng Durgapur 2420
Atpara Atpara 2470
Barhatta Barhatta 2440
Dharmapasha Dharampasha 2450
Dhobaura Dhobaura 2416
Dhobaura Sakoai 2417
Kalmakanda Kalmakanda 2430
Kendua Kendua 2480
Khaliajuri Khaliajhri 2460
Khaliajuri Shaldigha 2462
Madan Madan 2490
Moddhynagar Moddoynagar 2456
Mohanganj Mohanganj 2446
Netrakona Sadar Baikherhati 2401
Netrakona Sadar Netrakona Sadar 2400
Purbadhola Jaria Jhanjhail 2412
Purbadhola Purbadhola 2410
Purbadhola Shamgonj 2411

(Source: বাংলাদেশ ডাক বিভাগ)

Jamalpur District’s Post Code | জামালপুর জেলার পোস্ট কোড সমূহ | Post Code of Jamalpur | Zip Code

Jamalpur (Bengali: জামালপুর জেলা, Jamalpur Jela also Jamalpur Zila) is a district in Bangladesh, part of the Mymensingh Division. It was established in 1978. (Source: Wikipedia) 

Jamalpur জেলার Post Code
Jamalpur জেলার Post Code
  • Baksiganj Upazila Post Office Code
  • Dewanganj Upazila Post Office Code
  • Islampur Upazila Post Office Code
  • Jamalpur Sadar Upazila Post Office Code
  • Madarganj Upazila Post Office Code
  • Melandaha Upazila Post Office Code
  • Sarishabari Upazila Post Office Code
Thana Sub Office Post Code
Dewangonj Dewangonj 2030
Dewangonj Dewangonj S. Mills 2031
Islampur Durmoot 2021
Islampur Gilabari 2022
Islampur Islampur 2020
Jamalpur Jamalpur 2000
Jamalpur Nandina 2001
Jamalpur Narundi 2002
Malandah Jamalpur 2011
Malandah Mahmoodpur 2013
Malandah Malancha 2012
Malandah Malandah 2010
Mathargonj Balijhuri 2041
Mathargonj Mathargonj 2040
Shorishabari Bausee 2052
Shorishabari Gunerbari 2051
Shorishabari Jagannath Ghat 2053
Shorishabari Jamuna Sar Karkhana 2055
Shorishabari Pingna 2054
Shorishabari Shorishabari 2050

(Source: বাংলাদেশ ডাক বিভাগ)

Bangladesh Post Office | Post Code BD | Postcode Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Post Office also known by trade name Bangla Post is responsible for providing postal service in Bangladesh. It is an attached department of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication. This ministry is concerned with the policy making for its two attached departments.

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