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HSC result will be published on July 19, says the education ministry. HSC exam result 2019 will be published on 18th July 2019 by www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.  This year’s Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations started on 3rd April 2019 (Sunday) across the whole country.

This year total 13 lakh 11 thousand 457 candidates attend on HSC examinations this year. There are two thousand five hundred forty-six centers in the country for hsc examination. This year the HSC Result 2019 & DIBS Result will be published in the last week of July.

This year 6.54 lakh are male students and 5.65 lakh are female students take part in the exam. HSC Exams are being also held at 7 (seven) centers abroad, where 262 students are taking the exams.
Theoretical exams would end on June 9, while practical will be held between June 11 and 20. Exams in the day’s first half would start at 10:00am and continue until 1:00pm, while tests in the day’s second half would begin at 2:00pm and end at 5:00pm.

HSC Result 2019 Published Date?

In This Year, Hsc exam result will be published on 19  July 2019. According to Education ministry notice.

Last 5 Years HSC Result Publication Date:

  • HSC exam Result 2018 declared on 19 July 2018
  • HSC exam Result 2017 declared on 23 July 2017
  • HSC exam Result 2016 declared on 18th August 2016
  • HSC exam Result 2015 declared on 9th August 2015
  • HSC exam Result 2014 declared on 13th August 2014.

At a Glance of Hsc Exam 2019:

  • Total Number of attended Student: 13,11,457
  • Number of boys: 667481
  • Number of girls: 6,43,007
  • Total HSC exam center : 2,541
  • Number of Boards: 10

How to get the HSC Result 2019?

At the end of the HSC exam, everyone is thinking when the results will be Published and how to get the results first. A few years ago student goes to their college to get their result. But nowadays the system totally changed cause today is digital… All of the information you can get on your mobile phone. Hsc Student gets their result by phone or laptop via the internet.
On the day of the results of the HSC exam, millions of people tried to enter the education board’s website together, so the server gets down. So that they can not get their result short time… We have a small effort for you can get your result via our website also. When hsc result 2019 will be published then  you can see your result with mark sheet in our website www.bdniyog.com

Check HSC Result 2019 Via Internet (www.educationboardresults.gov.bd or EBoardResults.com)

Internet is a popular place to see any result. Like others result, you can see hsc result in 2019 via internet connection. At first hsc exam result, 2019 with mark sheet will be published on Education board  official result site www.educationboardresults.gov.bd  and another site is www.eboardresults.com
Some times Government official website will server down for over traffic then you can see your result alternatively Here. When you want to see your HSC Result 2019 via the internet then you can following these steps.
Get Instant HSC Result 2019
Eboardresults Interface
www.educationboardresults.gov.bd Interface 

Check HSC Result 2019 Via Mobile SMS:

HSC and equivalents candidates can get their result easily through SMS. To get HSC Result 2019 in mobile SMS, first go to Mobile message option and type –
HSC/Alim <space> first three letters of Board name <space> Roll no <space> 2019 then send to 16222
Type HSC RAJ 496596 2017
You have to send an SMS to 16222 with text ‘HSC’ followed by a space then first 3 letters of the respective education board then another space then roll number followed by space again then ‘2019’.
For example: hsc dha 123256 2018 and send to 16222.

Madrasa students will have to write ‘Alim’ and ‘Mad’ instead of ‘HSC’ and respective board’s first three letters. The rest of the process is the same.
FOR ALIM RESULT 2019- TYPE ALIM MAD 527869 2019 SEND TO 16222
For vocational results, students will have to write ‘Tec’ instead of the board’s name. The rest of the process is same.

For Technical Result 2019
Type HSC TEC 516363 2019 send to 16222

The Education Board Keywords are:

  • Dhaka – DHA
  • Rajshahi – RAJ
  • Comilla -COM
  • Jessore – JES
  • Chittagong – CHI
  • Barisal – BAR
  • Sylhet – SYL
  • Dinajpur – DIN
  • Madrasah – MAD
  • Technical – TEC

HSC Exam Result 2019 Grading System:

Grading system in HSC Exam Result
Class interval
Letter grade
Grade point

Different Education Board Website:

There are 10 General Education Board in Bangladesh which Publishes the results of their candidates. These Education Boards are…
Dhaka Education Board: dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
Rajshahi Education Board : rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd
Comilla Education Board: www.comillaboard.gov.bd
Jessore Education Board: jessoreboard.gov.bd
Chittagong Education Board: bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd
Barisal Education Board : barisalboard.gov.bd
Sylhet Education Board: sylhetboard.gov.bd
Dinajpur Education Board: dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd
Madrasah Education Board: bmeb.gov.bd
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